My Best French Stamping So Far

It is not a secret that I love stamping. And it is not a secret that I cannot achieve french stamping... :)

Well, I've tried stamping French designs before but never had them lined up, EVER! No matter what I did, they never lined up...

Anyway, for today, I wanted to try a different, festive French Mani... And I wanted to do it with stamping, because, let's face it, my free hand skills are worse than my French stamping skills... :D

I grabbed my Konad m19, simple French designs plate and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red... With the white squishy stamper, I stamped my bare nails with red french tips...

Then I decided to go overboard and try double stamping... Well, double french tip stamping to be exact... :)

This time I reached for my Konad m56 plate. I have bought this plate only for the bow french tip image... And I never got to use it... Well, I tried using it, but it did not satisfy me, because it was always crooked... :)

Anddd here's the result!!! I nailed it!!!!! YAY!!!!

Btw, the stamping is made with Barry M gold and I did put a small rhinestone on the bows... And a coat of Sv...

One proud mama!!!! :) :) :)


  1. That's realy sweet french type :) It's very cute

  2. Well done! It's so nice when you finally nail it!! :)

    1. You're sooo right! Now I can use all those french plates.... :)

  3. Beautiful! You really ailed it!