Flormar Mirror Collection

Flormar has a new collection... Again!!!!


Well, I know it is good, but my wallet does not agree at all... :)

Anyway, this collection is called Mirror and consists of 6 metallic polishes with the new wide brush. All are pigmented but MR01 and MR04, almost one coaters... Application is easy, they apply like butter, no flooding or such. But as all metallics, they leave brush strokes... Not horribly, but if you are like me, it is disturbing enough. But like I said, hey, all metallics do that...

Here are they one by one...

MR01 is the silver one... 2 coats, first coat was sheer, but 2 coats made it opaque...

MR02 is pink... 2 coats here, but you can easily end up with one coat.

MR03 is the gold one, and my favortie. It may be a base for elegant stamping manis. Again two coats.

MR04 is the pale lilac, or a very light rose you may say. This is a sheer one as well, 2 coats needed.

MR05 is a green. Pigmented but I have 2 coats here.

MR06 is a teal/blue. One of my favorites!!! Again, pigmented but 2 coats here.

And here's the fat flat brush we got used to from Wet Look Collection. :)

So do they stamp any good? Let's find out...

I painted black blobs on white paper and stamped each polish both on black and white. My cameras batteries died so I had to scan the image. :)

As you can see (or not), 01 and 03 stamp really nice on black. 02, 04, 05 and 06 are also clean and visible, but you cannot really tell the color difference between them...

And on white, my winners are  02,03, 05 and 06!

So, what do you think about them?


  1. Great review, testing them as stampers. As you said I hate the streaks but they make lovely stamping polishes.
    So the brushes in the neon and wet look polishes are the new style of brush in these bottles?
    I really love the flat wide brush in the wet look bottles I hope they keep that style

    1. I share your feelings about the brushes! They are a pleasure to work with. I hope they keep it this way... :)