My Cherry Blossom Mani

Here's some non Christmasy nail art for you today... :)

I've never had good freehand skills, to be honest. This is why I prefer stamping mostly. And I've never used acrylic paints in my life... (although I've seen many talented bloggers work miracles with both of them)

Anyway, today was an experiment...

I've seen every talented blogger make awsome Cherry Blossom Manis in the past and honestly, it seemed like an easy task. So I went for that look...

I started with a green gradient. Well, mint actually... I used Flormar WetLook WL02, Flormar Matte M04 and China Glaze For Audrey...

This is my gradient after semi clean up... One of my best, I should say...

Then came the scary part.... I did not have any acrylic paints of my own, so I went through my daughter's closet for her school supplies... Bang!!! A box of acrylics... :P

I drew the branches with brown paint and the tiniest brush... Then I mixed red and white paint and made a pink. I made the flowers using a small dotting tool. And with another shade of pink, I made some more flowers... :) Annnd, topped them all with SV....

Ta daaa!!! Here's my masterpiece!!!!

Ooops, I had some clean up issues, as you can see.... Anyway, I want to hear from you! Do you think I nailed it? Please be gentle... :) :) :)


  1. Çok tatlı olmuşlar :)

  2. akrilikle nail art yapmak nasıl bir deneyimmiş? nesi kolay hala anlamıyorum. sanırım olmayınca, bozulunca suyla silebiliosun. alttaki ojeyi silmene gerek kalmıyor demişti biri :/

    1. hataları kolay düzeltiyorsun, ojeler birbirini eritip bozmuyor... Eh bu iki neden benim için fazlasıyla yeterli. Başka neden varsa da bilmiyorum :)

  3. This is beautiful Aylin! I really love it! :)