Christmas Package from Sweden!!!

Warning!!! Contains lots of photos!!!

You know I belong to an international swap group. It will be a year in January since I joined. I have to say, I've found really nice friends there. We are a drama free, small sized group and we share other things as well, other than nail polish. We share happy moments, we share sorrows... Honestly, this group has been the best thing that's ever happened since I joined Facebook... I want to thank our admins and all the members for making this possible... :)

Anyway, we decided to go "big" for Christmas, and skipped November, so we could make a package twice as big for Christmas...

Annnnddd, my partner was Camilla from Sweden! Check out her blog! Doesn't she have the nicest nails???? And you must remember her from this awsome guest post she did for me!!!! I still read it when I need a little laugh!!!

Anyway, this was a Secret Santa kind of deal and we had a month of asking and answering about each other, in order to send the best package ever...

Which is....

Ta daaaaa!!!!

If you want to see the rest, continue after the jump!
I "may" have taken a lot of photos, so beware... :)

This cute card and the yummy chocolates welcomed me when I opened my package!!!

And I have to warn you, Camilla knows how to make you laugh!!! Look at all the labels on the packages!!!! Soooo cute!!!!!

I love Earl Grey tea and this package was smelling like one!!!! Cannot wait to try it!!!

Look at the labels!!!! LOL


OMG!!!! Polish and nail art brushes!!!!!

Barry M Black Multi Glitter, IsaDora Crown Jewel and A-England Fated Prince!!!!! <3 <3 <3

And Models Own Absinthe, Essie Vested Interest and Kicks Moondust!!!! Kicks is a texture!!!

May I just die!!!!

I wonder what is in this one!!! It says "brisht cuties" on the label!


My very first Dance Legend!!!! Spectrum from the New Prism Line!!!!!

Models Own Grape Juice!!!! (scented)

Barry M Gelly Passion Fruit!!!!

Essie First Timer!!!

Kicks Crystal Glass (this one is a texture, as well)

Andddd OPI My Vampire Is Buff, a polish every nail art addicted should have!!!

This is so much fun!!! I'm opening the packages and photographing them at the same time and my heart just skips a beat with each one!!!

I wonder what this one has...

Wooo hoooo!!!!



Striping tape and star shaped glitter!!!!

And my first MoYou plates!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!

Look at those plates!!!! Just perfection!!!!

Another package!!!

Sticky notes!!! I loved the band aid ones.. I really thought they were band aids for a second... LOL And the Owls are sooo cute!!!

And silicone moulds!!! I think somebody's going to make some chocolate tonight!!!

OMG, look at this elegant deer!!! It'll look so nice on our tree!!!

And a little something to pamper myself!!!! LOL

And finally, a special package for Selin, my precious daughter... :)

A polish named after her???? Wow!!! And the purple one looks amazing... I hope she lets me try them on :)

And look at these sute stationary set!!! So petite... :)

And that's all folks!!! Camilla, you really brightened our Christmas! Thank you for being such a great lady!!! <3 <3

And don't worry if you don't hear from me for a few days, I'll just be playing with my new babies!!!!


  1. Wow! That is a amazing christmas gift. Lovely polishes and I can promise you that the Fazer choclate is awesome. Camilla has so beautiful nails. Both Kicks and Isadora is very good Swedish Brands. I love the wide brush in the Isadora polishes.

    1. I know!!! I was screaming as I opened each one of them!!! I love Isadora brushes too. And I'm so curious about Kicks, never heard of them before... :)

  2. My goodness, this was such an awesome package! Lucky girl :D

  3. I'm so happy you liked everything, Aylin - AND - Aylin forgot to tell you about the wonderful things she sent ME!! I may have to take up blogging during Christmas just to tell you more about it:D

    1. Oh, Camilla, you are a wonderful friend and you deserve it all :)