GRFC Challenge - Red and Gold

Wooo hooo!!!! I'm on fire!!!!

So far, my challenge posts are going as planned!!!! YAY!!!

So for today....

Red and Gold!!! Such Christmassy Colors!!! For this challenge, I went through my stash and found these two polishes...

Zoya Blaze and Barry M Gold, which is one of the best gold stamping polishes!!!!

Here's what I did...

I used two coats of Zoya Blaze... I'm so in love with this polish! It really has some depth and it is a pleasure to look at my nails all day long...

Then I decided to stamp some ornaments... I serached through my plate stash and secided to use the ornaments from Pueen 42, BM 225 and BM 318...

I stamped them with Barry M Gold and then using a thin brush, I drew some lines connecting them... :)

So, what so you think?

By the way, I built myself a new lightbox and took these pictures in it... First I want to hear your opinions about the pictures and later, on another post, I'll share my new lightbox with you... :) :)

See you on day 5...


  1. This is so pretty!! :D And that heart shaped ornament is so cute XD

    1. Thank you! It turned out better than I expected :)