GRFC Challenge - All I Want For Christmas


Today is the 7th day of Getting Ready For Christmas Challenge and today we are revealing our wishlists!!! Sorry, no manis for today!!!

Since it is a wishlist, and since it is Christmas, I decided to reveal all the things I want under my tree (knowing that they won't be there)... :(

Here we go, here is my dream team!!!

1) All the Zoya polish that is available on the website. You may skip the ones I already have, but I might ask for Pixie Dust backups... :P

2) All the Real Techniques make up brushes... Again, feel free to buy duplicates, I may need them for different colors...

3) Urban Decay Naked 1 - 2 - and 3!!! All of them!!!! :) :)

4) All the MoYou London plates available! I know that they release new plates every week, but the ones released untill today "might" be enough!!!

5) Speaking of plates, Winstonia is about to release a new series, so you may add them as a stocking filler.... :)

6) And finally, new Konad plates and the Konads I don't have may be a nice present... :)

So, there you go! My secret wishlist revealed!

Now I have to wait untill Christmas to find out if I've been naughty or nice... :D

Tell me, which of these would you like to find under your tree?


  1. I have Naked 3 on my wishlist too. Along with the MoYou plates.

    1. Oh MoYous... They are the endless pitch!!! :P Actually I'm really doing fine with my The Balm eyeshadows but everone is making such a fuss about Naked so I want to try them as well :)