Flormar 2012 Spring - Summer Collection

I finally bought all the Flormar Spring - Summer 2012 Collection.

I will swatch them one by one, when I have the time.

But to give you an idea, here's my opinion about the collection.

The formula of these are awsome. All are one coaters and really pigmented colors. Some are metallics and some are pastels. Why did they put such dark greens and blues for summer are beyond me but I use them for gradients anyway... I was told that since they are designed for summer, they are resistant to water, but I by no means had the chance to test this. With this many colors, I change my nail color every day... :)

By the way, I loooved the new bottlecaps. :)

So, long story short; grab them while you can. I don't know if they are permanent but I'm gonna stock up the purples...

Here are the beauties... :)

All the collection ;)

Pinks and Purples (blurples)

Greens and Blues

Lonely guys...

Final Goodbye... 


  1. They're gorgeous! I wish I had a Flormar stockist near me. :)

  2. I love that the caps match the bottles! I love the little essence polishes that do that too.

  3. and they also shine in UV light, I realized that by chance, I was wearing the dark pink one and the colour shined like dark orange under UV light in a bar!

  4. They look so good. Still not available here, though :(

  5. Oh these looks amazing.

  6. These look great! Would love to have some!

  7. wow, these are amazing, love them all :-D