Textured Heaven!!! - Part 5 - Golden Rose

Things have been quite hectic this week in the household! Lots of errands to do and lots of things to be done... So I'm sorry, I've been late with my post... :)

I hope things will settle down next week, so I will be able to return to my blog and paint my nails!!! (finally) :)

Anyway, moving on with the texture trend with Golden Rose Holiday Collection.... The widest texture collection so far... They have 31 yes 31 textured polishes in Holiday Collection!!!! Well, I own only 15 of them... What a shame!!! :)

Formula wise, these are much more opaque and have a relatively shorter drying time... Most of them are full of glitter and there are also neon glitter colors!!!! (I own only one)

I'll leave you alone with pictures... :)

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