Sand Polish - Gold Comparison

Here's the comparison I was talking about the other day....

Here we go...

First the bottle shots...

And next, we have the macro shots...

First impression ; Zoya Solange is a whole different shade... Even I can say that... LOL

But Pastel and OPI seem to be alike... I just think Pastel has bigger glitter partickles than OPI...

Let's see how they look like on the nail...

On my pinky, I have Pastel Magic Sand 722.

On my ring finger, I have OPI Liquid Sand Honey Ryder.

On my middle finger, I have Zoya Pixie Dust Solange.

All of them are two coats, without a base and a top coat.

The verdict : Yes, Pastel and OPI are alike. Not total dupes, because Pastel has lager glitters than OPI but the color is the same. And the gritty feel is the same. Do you need both? Hmmm, I do... :)

Oh, and I paid $4 for Pastel, $13 for OPI and $18 for Zoya... :(


  1. Pastelle OPI birebir aynı gözüküyor.Şaşırdım.Keşke bende bu rengini alsaymışım.Beyazla neon pembeyi aldım hiç kullanamadım :(

    1. Bence bulduğun yerde al, çünkü neredeyse aynısı... :)