PASTEL - Magic Sand 724

I couldn't help myself and bought another Pastel Magic Sand polish... I've told you before that I already had a pink and a blue and I did not like the light pink and the peach one... But after seeing this pink, which is screaming neon, I couldn't resist... LOL

Annnnyway, here is Pastel 724, with all its neon shine... :)

I used two easy coats... Drying time was just like any other sand polish, but better than Zoyas... It is gritty, but not that gritty so it catches your hair or clothes... :) It has lots of silver glitter in it. It does not show in the pictures but is adds a nice shine to the polish... Love it!!! Such a summery color...


  1. Oh Aylin! This is irredisyible!!! Wow!

    1. It is really eye catching isn't it?

  2. This is such a pretty color!