Nail Mail from Australia!!!

Hi folks,

Today I have gorgeous nail mail from Australia...

Briana from For the Love of Lacquer sent these Aussie polish to me!!!

Aren't they lovely????

I have never tried Australian brands before, so I'm really curious... I'll let you know as I try them one by one... :)

Face of Australia Ocean Villa, Polyester Girl, Show Off

Australis Carnivale Chaos, Rio Riot, Rabid Revenge, Limited Edition 2

I love the names on those!!! How I wish our polish had fun names instead of numbers...

BC Co Shade 4 and Shade 12... Ha, these ones don't have names!!! :P

Models Prefer Party Popper and Savvy Grapetini...

Body Shop Hemp hand cream... Poor guy was squeezed and twisted in the package.. Thank God, it was not harmed... :)

Chocolate!!!! TimTams!!!! Yummy!!!! Having lost 12kg, I should stay away from these... Only small bites... :)

This guy has leaked a little in the package but I can still use it... It is a skin creme...

Thanks again Briana...
So tell me, have you ever used one of these polishes? Do you reccomend any Australian polish?


  1. kıskandırıyorsuuuuun!!!
    benim de almanyadan gelen bir paketim ptt uluslararası merkezdeymiş gelin alın demişler. acaba gümrüğe mi takılmıştır? :(

    1. ooo, geli anlın dedilerse takılmış olabilir. :(

  2. Wow, what an amazing pack of lovelies! :D I'm not jealous at all..haha ;)