How to use the Essence French Manicure Brush

Today I saw the Essence French Manicure Brush in the Essence display and being the curious woman, I immediately grabbed it...

Before becoming a nail addict, I mostly did French Manicures. I think it looks really elegant. I still prefer it from time to time, if I'm going to an event where funky nails are frowned upon... LOL

Anyway, I decided giving it a try as soon as I got home... So, without further ado, here's the French Manicure Brush... :)

It looks like a eyeliner brush but with a curve. The bristles are short and firm, but not hard...

Here's a closeup of the brush... It looks it has a small tip. In fact it only covers my pinkie. But I have large nails, you should keep that in mind...

Oh, and I hould apologize for the state of my nails... I just broke my thumb nail again(!!!)

Ok, the brush comes with instructions inside and the most important one is, do not dip the brush in the polish bottle to load it... Well, ok, I used my polish brush to paint my french brush...

See, the brush is loaded with paint now...

I lined the brush with my nail line and with a soft stroke, I painted id towards the nail tip...

One coat was not enough for me, so I repeated it the second time and this time I ended up with a nice tip paint.

 Like I said before, the brush covered my pinkie only. But I made multiple strokes with it for the remaining nails.

To clean the brush, you have to wet a cotton round with remover and brush your French Manicure Brush against it...

Here's the finished mani with a coat of milky white on top...

The whole process took 5 mintues, which is a miracle for me, because I never succeed making french with sticky strips... :) Sometimes I use Konad m19, the french plate but again, it takes a few tries to align the stamping... But this brush is easy to use... The above process was my first try... I bet I can do it better in time... :)

And it isn't just for french manicures... You can use it for halfmoon and color blocking manicures as well...

So, what do you think? Is it necessary to have this brush or not? Would you buy it?


  1. wow, I haven't seen it yet but it looks like a really nice little tool! I haven't done a french manicure in years, I think it's time to try it again ;)

    1. I really like how clean it looks... :) And the tool is somewhat helpful :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, at least we can try :)

  3. I think this is a must have! What a great invention! I wonder if it works with long nails...

    1. Hmm, long nails... Something I don't have LOL... :)

  4. where can i buy this brush