LA Girls 3D Effects - Brilliant Blue

Well Hello there;

Do you remember last week I realized my big lemming? The LA Girls 3D polishes???

Well, today I'm wearing one of them...

Ladies and gentelmen, here's Brilliant Blue!!!!

I "may" have taken a lot of photos, so beware... Oh and I'm trying a new frame for my blog pictures... We'll see how they'll turn out... Please tell me your thoughts... :)

Anyway, on to the polish... Holly cow! This baby really deserves its name, folks!

I have 2 coats on my finger. Well, if you don't have problems with a little vnl, you can easily end up with one coat...

The polish is a jelly based deep blue color with scattered holographic effect... Believe me, the photos do not do any justice to its shine!!! It is totally blinding!!!

And I finally get what 3D effect is... It feels like you can dive into your nails!!! Can you tell I love this polish???

I was totally checking my nails all day!!!

The only downside, it dried a little slow... Maybe it was just me, maybe I did use a thick coat... IDK...

Look at that off focus photo!!! Totally forgivable!!! Slow drying problem totally forgotten... LOL


  1. This is an amazing polish! One of the most beautiful in my collection I think.

  2. Awesome! I also looked great on your nails!

  3. That's beautiful! I have it too, yay!