Pastel 11 & NYC Starry Silver Glitter

This is Pastel 11, a shimmery creme. I'm not good at naming colors but a friend told me that this one is an indigo... Well, it's just a blue to me. A pretty one though. It has got really tine blue shimmer that is hard to see in the bottle... :)

Anyway, I had two coats on. The formula is regular Pastel, easy to handle with medium drying time. I wanted to add some glitter so I picked NYC Starry Silver Glitter... I used 2 coats of it which gave the mani an eyecatching glittery shine but I felt sorry for the Pastel, because the glitter hid the beauty of the polish...

I think I'll use it again, but this time stamped. :)

1 comment:

  1. I like it with the glitter, but I understand what you mean when you're saying that it hides the pretty polish :)