Avon Colortrend Suede - Blue Royale

For the next three posts, I will be swatching the new colors from Avon Colortrend. Today I have Blue Royale on my nails.

When I first got the bottle, I didn't see the label and thought it was a blue polish with silver shimmer. The first coat went on smoothly. As the polish dried, it turned matte. That's when I noticed the label said "suede"... Lol...

Anyway, the drying time was super short. I had the second coat immediately. No top coat... It looked like denim to me... Afterwards, when I Googled these polishes, I saw that some people compared them to OPI Suedes. I don't own the OPI Suedes, so I won't be making that comparison, but I liked the Avon one... :)

So far this one is my favorite from the collection... :)


  1. Looks really nice! I think it's the best suede color I've seen so far.

  2. Wow!!! Love it! I super like the color. I wanna have one of this. It would def include in my wishlist.