Festive Blog Swap

I recently took part in Rachael from Just Rach's Festive Blog Swap.

The idea is to get matched up with another blogger in another country, and swap goodies that are worth £30, including shipping... 

My swap partner was the lovely Sarah from Knickers & Nail Polish. After a little chat, we decided we both wanted mostly nail polish. So she sent me these lovelies....

It was such a well prepared package, but unfortunately the outer package was somehow destroyed... Real bad... And by real bad I mean soaked wet... Like it was left under a running sink for hours... :(

Luckily, only the outer package was destroyed. The white box was just damp and everything was in place.

This was in a plastic bag, soaked wet...

Anyway, she sent me 17 Magnetics in Lilac, 17 Holo in Silver, Barry M Xmas LE, Barry M Silver Foil and Barry M Gold Foil... I've wanted the foils since like forever because I heard that they stamp so well...

Thanks Sarah, it was a lovely swap. I hope you like yours, too. And our lovely host Rachel, thank you for arranging such an activity. 


  1. Ahh sorry to hear the package was in bad condition when it arrived, the mail service is so unreliable these days! I've got my eye on that holo and limited edition polish you received, would love to see swatches! Thank you so much for taking part!! :) Merry Christmas! x

    1. Thank you for giving us this opprtunity... :) I'll surely swatch them... :)

  2. Nice post dear :)

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