Nailz Craze NC02

I finally got my paws on NailzCraze's super cool nail plates... I've been eyeing them since like forever and I envied the ladies that made the coolest nail art with her plates in my Facebook groups...

I finally decided to order via her Etsy shop. I picked the plate with the unicorns and stars and clouds... This plate is called "magical" for the right reasons.... :)

Anyway, it took about 11 days for the plate to come from Israel to Turkey, via registered mail... The plate comes with the blue protection film but no backing. 

 I made some quick swatches on a paper to see how it stamped... To be honest, I wasn't expecting this quality... Look at the stamped images, all crystal clear, detailed, perfectly etched... The one on the top right is user error, because my paper slipped a little while stamping....

Anyway, there is only one image I couldn't get transfered and that's the image I wanted the most!!! The clouds (middle row, on the right)...  It is a little tricky one, since it has a large flat area (like BM301)... I've tried different stamping polishes, angles, scrapers but I couldn't succeed. I finally contacted NailzCraze and she immediately answered that I had to scrape lightly, use a credit card etc...

I tired a few more times but still nothing... :( I give up for today. I'll try another time... :(

UPDATE : I just measured the plate. It is bigger than Cheeky Summer Collection plates in size.
Full nail images are 2cmx1,6cm exactly.

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