I came up with a challenge... Starting from today, I'll be posting Christmas & New Years manis untill the end of the month using my red polishes... :)

I love red. But sometimes wearing red polish may be a pain... You know what I mean. Taking it off without having red cuticles is nearly impossible. Eventhough I wear a base coat and apply polish really carefully, I always end up having red fingers for a few days... So, I try to stay away from red...

Anyway, with Christmas and New Years coming up, I thought why not use all my untrieds (red polish and stamps)... So I came up with this challenge...

Here we go... :)

First of all, I'd like you to know that Zoya Ornate Collection is the best collection I've seen so far... Look at these pretties... I did not get Logan and Electra, because I have CG Glittering Garland which I rarely use and as for Electra, I'm not a big fan of bar glitter, really....

To take it a step further, I think bar glitters and crackle top coats are hideous! Wearing bar glitter looks like you have hairy fingernails. And don't get me started on crackle! I try so hard to put on my polish evenly and smoothly, so why bother to ruin it with a crackle????

Anyway, done with ranting! Now on to today's mani... :)

Today I have Zoya Blaze on my pretty nails... :) It is the sparkliest red I've ever owned. It is a cool red color packed with holographic glitter. Absolutely in love!!!! This is two coats of Blaze with a Poshe top coat. Is it just me, or is this polish takes a little longer to dry?

PS : The bump you see on my middle finger is totally my fault. I had a crack, tried to fix it with tea bag and acrylic powder but forgot to even out the bump... Silly me... :(

PS 2 : This polish is soo good, I did not bother to stamp it. Maybe next time... LOL


  1. This is a fantastic polish. I love this series! :)

    1. Really, my favorite polishes from 2012! I just wish they dried a little quicker... :(

  2. I love your rant on bar glitters and crackles, because I dislike them as well and some times it seems I am absolutely alone in my dislike :)
    I love really pigmented colours but they are all hard to remove without staining your cuticles most of the time especially red
    I like this collection the purple one I may have to get I am gonna see if the urge passes first though :)

    1. Oh, it is so good to hear you are not alone... :)Believe me, this red it not staining, it is a gel like polish... You should definetly get them!!!!