Another New Years Mani and Catherine Arley Order

First I'd like to tell you that Catherine Arley websotre is open!!!! YAY!!!!

It was such a shame to have such a gorgeous polish brand in Turkey but not be able to find it domesticly...:( So finally, the guys at Catherine Arley decided to open an online store and I took advantage of it immediately... :)

You must have heard about CA holos. I did, too. So I went ordering the whole series (well, except the 2 nudes) to begin with...

They were really resonably priced and the shipment arrived the next day. :)

Here's what I got!!!

Yeah baby, all holos... :)

666 - 667 - 672 - 673

676 - 677 - 800 - 804

805 - 807

Well, I tried the red one first, #800, since it is the season for red... :)


 And with my new Gals plates being delivered, it was inevitable for me to do this mani!!!

Oh, God, I've seen this design everywhere! It is my favorite design from the Gals sets so far and I've been waiting for this day to come for a month!!!!

Here's Gals 27 with Catherine Arley 800 (2 coats), stamped with Essie Good As Gold and topped with Catherine Arley Glitter topcoat 726... Just perfect!

By the way, Gals plates are really good quality. Look at the stamping... :)