La Bella Vernice Reilyn and Tana

Hi all!!!

Today I will be reviewing two gorgeous polishes from a new indie polish maker, La Bella Vernice... The owner, Roni is a friend from facebook and she offered two colors to me to review...

First of all, I want to tell you that I have never seen such cute packaging... :) Look for yourself...

The polishes come in this cute box with the cutest card I've ever seen... :)

When you open the box, you see the holos!!! (fyi, these are minis, 5ml versions. The standard ones are 15ml. Aren't the mini bottles cute???)

Anyway, I started with Reilyn... Not just because it rhymes with Aylin, but also because it is a gorgeous deep purple with scattered holo!!!!

I used two coats for swatching, over an acqua basecoat. The formula was really pigmented, almost a one coater. But I did a second coat to even things out. The drying time between coats is normal and the formula is a pleasure to work with... I did not use a topcoat, because I wanted you to see the original finish.

And here are two off focus photos to show you the holo!!!!

Next one is Tana, a light green again with scattered holo effect... This one is the green I'd go for. The formula is sheerer than its friend and needed 3 thin coats. For this one, I did not use an acqua base coat, just to tell if it needed... In my opinion, it needed. Again, no topcoat is used...

The Verdict : Both polishes are lovely and a pleasure to work with. But since I'm a purple girl, I fell in love with Reilyn...

And btw, all pictures were taken under the sun, thanks to the humid Istanbul weather... :)

La Bella Vernice retails for $10 for 15ml standart bottles and $4.5 for 5ml mini bottles.
They offer international shipment!!! Go and check the other beauties at www.bellavernice.com
Le Bella Vernice is also on Facebook.

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