Birthday Mani - Take Two

Remember yesterday's birthday mani?

I told you that I wished the lines were longer...

Here it is....

My Birthday Mani take two... This time looking good!!! :)

See, it's all about practise... :)

I bet my third will look a lot better...

And tell me, which version do you like???


  1. I like this version more. You are right about practice; it makes perfection.

    By the way, I think you have both Zoya Stevie and Golden Rose Holiday Nails #69 (lilac one). Do you think they are similar? It would be lovely if you were kind enough to make a comparison.

    1. Thanks, I like this one better as well... About the comparison post, I'd gladly do it. Just give me a couple of days to return home to my polishes... I promise to do it next week.... ;)