Guestblogger - Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish

Hi ladies!!!

My holiday is about to end, uınfortunately! I will be back in 2-3 days time... I really want to thank my awsome friends who participated... Because of them my blog was not left unattended and you got to meet my talented lovely friends...

Here's another one of the talented ladies!!! You must know her very well, if you are a nail addict like me... :) She is Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish!!!! And she has done a wonderful mani!!!

Hello Aylin’s readers! :)

I’m Cristina from Portugal and it’s a pleasure to be here with you all :)! I come here from time to time to drool on some gorgeous manicures of Aylin and then I got the chance to meet her more deeply after a swap we did :). Well, as me and Aylin share similar tastes regarding nail polish and nail art, I decided this post should include our actual textured polish craziness as well as stamping! :D

Do you see any optical illusion? Is your head confused? Ups, sorry! Lol This wasn’t my first intention but then texture plus geometric designs... well, things happened! I know Kiko polishes can’t be purchased on Turkey (wish I had the power to change this!) but I’m quite in love with them and it helps I have Kiko near me too :p This one, Kiko 643 Verde Primavera, has this beautiful shade of green with golden shimmer. It dries quite fast and is so, so easy to apply! There’s almost no polish cuticle invasion, perfection! :D

Regarding the nail art, I stamped the geometric image from plate Pueen 19 with La Femme White polish. I love to see and use sand polishes with full and detailed stamping designs; it creates a very interesting look J With a dotting tool I placed the pink dots with Kiko 642 Fucsiafrom the same Sugar Mat collection in middle and ring fingers. Do you like the dots or not really?

I got a few compliments and people touching my nails because even with the optical illusion the texture was quite noticeable. Of course a girl gets her spirits high! Lol! I hope you can have the chance to purchase one of this KikoSugar Matt polishes and enjoyed my nail art. Kisses to you,

Cristina Santos

Wow, Cristina!!! This one looks stunning!!! And using the Kiko that I didn't have???? Now I want this one as well!!!!

Thank you!!!!


  1. Aylin buna bayıldım :) baskı ojen ne?

    1. La Femme White... Post eksik çıkmış. Tekrar yükledim... ;)

  2. Yalnız senin tırnaklaın olmadığıı sonradan farkettim :)
    Çok hoş durmuş yaa

  3. magnificent! loved it! i wish we have kiko in turkey too... your nails and nail art is very good!

    1. Esra, lets hope Kiko one days goes to Turkey too! :) And thank you much!! :D**

  4. Cristina always do wonderful manis :)
    and she is a sweet

    1. *Blushing* Thank you Maggie! :)

  5. que lindo!! Que lindooo!!!!
    amei, ficou lindo!!! És show!!!
    Bjjjssss linda!

  6. It's gorgeous as always, Christina :)