Guestblogger - Briana from For The Love Of Lacquer...

Hi all!

Today we have a guest blogger from "down there" :) She's Briana from For the Love of Lacquer, an Aussie blogger friend of mine!!!

She has a lovely blog and she's such a fun lady!!! :)

Let's see what she prerared for you today!!!

Hi guys,

When Aylin said she was looking for a couple of guest bloggers to help her out while she was away soaking up the sun, how could I say no? She is such a beautiful person ofcourse I'd love to help!

A few days before she put out the call Id just recieved a packet of striping I was itching to play with so I thought Id try a few things out for the blog post. 

First I tried this yellow and black mani and I was really happy with it but I completly forgot to take photos so I wore that a few days and now, armed with my phone camera, Ive tried again.

Im not as happy with this one, it looks great but Ive lost my brushes so clean up has been a bit of a nightmare and it doesnt look as good as I would like but the design is a lot of fun and its quite simple to do, which is alway a bonus.

First start out with plain white nails (this is easier if you dont use an old thick gunky bottle of polish)

Then get out your tape and lay them in a criss cross pattern.

Using a make up sponge put a little pink polish on the sponge then dab onto the nail, trying to get it lighter at the top and darker at the bottom so it creates a gradient effect. 

Before the polish dries remove the tape and finish the rest of the nails. I find it easier to work with one nail at a time.

Once all ten nails are done and dry cover with a clear top coat, clean up your mess and enjoy your hard work.

This design was inspired by @ohmygoshpolish on instagram who does such amazing work. 
Thanks for reading and lets all be a little jealous of Aylin sunning herself on the beach.

Ha ha, thank you Briana... I know it is winter out there but hey, there's no reason to be jelous... :) We all take our time... :) 
I've never tried this technique before but I surely will... Lots of love and kisses... 


  1. Great job Brianna! I'm not shure I'd have the patience... :)

    1. Oh, it is worth the patience... ;)