Mermaid Tail Mani... :)

I've been wanting to make a mermaid tail mani ever since I bought the MASH plates... There's a lovely fish scale pattern on Mash39 plate for those of you who don't know... Many talented blogger friends have made wonderful manis using that plate and I guess now it is my turn... :)

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze For Audrey... I've been lemming this polish for a long time and now that I have it, I have to admit that the formula is really upsetting. The color is awsome, but the formula is thick, floods over cuticles and may be streaky if not handled carefully.... :(

Well, it is still a gorgeous color for my mani... :)

Over that, I used Sally Hansen Fairy Teal, and sponged it on the tips to make a gradient.

Then I went through my polish stash and found the lovely Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 107, a teal glitter bomb... I sponged a little on the tips...

Finally, I grabbed my precious A-England Saint-George and Mash39 and stamped the scales... :)

I finished it with a good old friend; Sally Hansen Mega Shine...

Funny story here; the first time I was visiting the States, ages ago, I came across Sally Hansen products and immediately fell in love... I grabbed a few and Mega Shine was one of them... For the record, I was only using white polish those days... LOL Anyway, it was such a great product for me, drying my polish in seconds, keeping it super shiny and lasting for a long time... :) I still buy a few bottles from time to time, and today when I saw it laying down in the nail-art box, I had to use it...

Did not upset me... No bleeding... :)

Well, I'm totally in love with this manicure and I dedicate it to all the mermaids out there... LOL :) Keep safe... :)

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