NYC - Big City Dazzle

I had swatches NYC Fashion Ave Fuschia earlier. I was really pleased with the formula, the drying time and the color... So I asked for Big City Dazzle for our swap from lovely Krystan...

Anyway, I put on two coats of NYC Fashion Ave Fuschia over Seche Plus base coat. As I mentioned before, the drying time was really short.

And then I put on a coat of Big City Dazzle. The glitter looked so dense in the bottle, I expected the first coat to be that dense. But first coat was really thin. So I did a second coat... Thank God that the drying time was short. Because the second coat did not meet my expectations, so I went ahead and did a third coat... :)

It looked shiny and pretty, but I think I should try it over another color, again... :)

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