MASH 2012 Plates

I had ordered my MASH plates on August 14th, on the same day as my Cheeky Summer Collection plates. Well, to my surprise, Cheeky plates came just on time, but nothing from MASH.

I wrote several e-mails to the customer service, certain that my package was lost. I was told to wait 61 bussiness days before asking for a re-shipment.

Let me tell you, it was the longest wait of my life...

Anyway, I waited for 61 bussiness days and contacted the company again. But this time, I did not get any replies to my e-mails. Just when I was starting to get pissed of, the postman came. Guess what he brought!!! My MASH plates, posted on the 16th of August.

Tell me about Turtle Expres!!!!

Anyway, they are here now... But still, no word from the company... :(

1 comment:

  1. They are so worth the wait - you're going to love them. But I don't like that the customer service is so bad! :/