GOSH Holographic Hero

I had promised to Marianne from Rainbowify Me that when I got my swap package, I would swatch the Gosh Holographic Hero first...

Here is the awsome bottle... The holographic effect is clearly seen on the bottle. (well, maybe not in this picture)

First impression; this polish is well pigmented. I thought of using it over a layer of silver first, but when I saw on a false nail that the polish has a nice coverage, I gave up. I had Seche Plus base coat and the fisrt coat of Gosh went smooth, just a few bald spots.

Oh my God! This polish dries fast! Real fast! Like when I finished the first coat, it was already dry! I didn't have to wait at all...

Anyway, I started putting on the second coat. But I don't know if it was the formula or the base coat I used, but there remained some bald spots... :( Well, no big deal, the polish was holo enough... :) Look at that shine!!!!

It was a sunny day in Istanbul, so I did what I had to do... Use sunglasess!!! LOL... Stamped with Essence Black is Back with the Cheeky CH37...


  1. Ooh I just bought myself that polish last weekend! Looks fab - will have to think of a design for it now :)

  2. Wow, this is the most amazing holo polish ever, love it. Cute accent nail, perfect for this polish!

  3. It's probably the base coat you used that caused you problems. I can send you a matching base coat next time, sweetie! :)