Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection!!!

Finally, a week after the movie hit the cinemas, Essence Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection is in the stores...

I was one of the few who got the whole collection I guess, because every store I went to, they were already sold out...  However, the two of the polishes were already under my possession, thanks to my swap with Marianne, so I did not bother getting them... :)

Anyway, I'll be swatching the polishes soon, but I should tell that the blush is perfect! I use it every day. It gives you a healty glow if you use it just a little bit. The lipsticks are really shiny and smells perfect. The eyeshadow pigments are way too cool... However, the eyeliners are not what I expected them to be... I plan to give them a second chance though... And the shimmer powder, well, not so shimmery but works fine on the brows etc..

I didn't get the yellowish lipstick, because I didn't think I'd use it... :)

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  1. Wow, that's perfect!! Congrats on the entire series!! :)