Kleancolor - Holo Chrome

First things first, Kleancolors stink! Literally! They stink soooo bad, that you have to leave a window open while appyling. But this doesn't change the fact that they make crazy beautiful polishes... So, you have got to the take the bitter with the sweet...

Kleancolor Holo Chrome is a purple / blurple jelly packed with tons of fine holographic glitter. It could easily be layered, but I used two coats with a basecoat. I loved the way it sparkled. I couldn't take my eyes off my fingers all day long...

This baby was a part of our swap with Krystan, so I should thank her again... :)

Anyway, I stamped it with Konad Special Black and BM305...


  1. I love that polish, but you're right - they really smell bad! I wish they would fix that problem! :D

  2. I'm glad that you have enjoyed these...despite the smell :)

  3. Love the sparkle and the accent nail! :)