Spring Challenge!!!

My dear friend Purple Glitters is having another challenge, this time the theme being Spring... I love her challenges, so I'll try to keep up with her...
To enter, go to this post and leave her a comment...
Now, the rules....

 Love and life (Apr. 14th 2012)

Flowers and stripes (Apr. 18th 2012) 
Fruit and dots (Apr. 22th 2012) 
Bugs (Apr. 26th 2012) 
Rainbow (Apr. 30th 2012)
The thing is, for each post, you have to pick a color combination... You can only use each combination only once. 
The color combinations are:
Pink and green
Blue and purple 
Yellow and green 
Orange and pink
And with rainbow, you have to use 4 colors... :)
Go to Purple Glitters' page for more detail... I'm totally doing this. Think of the plates I can use... Yay!!!!

And the lovely ladies who will be participating are;

Mateja from Purple Glitters
Kat from Hooked on polish
Kelly-Ann from Nail Art by Kelly-Ann
Riley from Pinky to Thumb 
Brianna from Welcome To Brianna's World!

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