Spring Challenge Day 3 : Fruit & Dots

Today is the third day of Spring Challenge. And our theme for today is Fruit & Dots. For this theme, I picked blue and purple color combination. :)

For the purple, I used Pastel Limited Collection 309. Fot the accent nail and the dots, I used Flormar 423, a baby blue cream polish... :) I never thought I'd like a blue polish but I liked this one... :)

The dots were made by a dotting tool. And for the grape stamp, I used BM 05 with Konad Special Nail Polish in Black... :) 

I really loved this one. It looks so cute... :)

Here are my remaining themes and color combinations... :) 

Posting Dates
Bugs (Apr. 26th 2012) 
Rainbow (Apr. 30th 2012)

Remaining Color Combinations
Yellow and green 

Here's a remainder, you can pick any color combination with any theme, but you are allowed to use each color combination only once (except for the rainbow)... 

And finally, the ladies who are participating this challenge with me... 


  1. IT looks amazing =).
    Your dots look awesome, I newer would guess that you made them with dotting tool if you wouldn't write it =)

  2. Oh your dots turned out so pretty!

  3. awesome, love it... those dots are perfect and grape very sweet :-D

  4. I love color combo and dots are amazing!

  5. I love it too. You choose great color combination. :)

  6. I love that grape stamp, super cute!

  7. Thank you all ladies... :) It turned out better than I expected. :)