Clarie's Candy Shop - Flormar 125

My first swap package arrived the other day... Thank you again Kimberly, I've been lemming for these polishes like forever....

I tried Clarie's Candy Shop first. Since the polish itself is very sheer, I decided to wear Flormar 125, a lovely pink, underneath... And then I topped it with Candy Shop... One coat was enough to give my nails the perfect sparkle... :)

Surprisingly, the glitter spread nicely and evenly. I really loved this color... What do you think???

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  1. Bu Candy Shop'a geçen gün baktım ve içim gitti dersem inanır mısın? :) kalbim temizmiş valla :)) tek başına 3 kat filan sürünce muhteşem görünüyor :)))