Spring Challenge Day 2 : Flowers & Stripes

Today is the second day of Spring Challenge... Our theme for today is flowers and stripes... And the color combinaton I picked for this mani is Pink&Green...

The pink is Rimmel Portobello Pink. One pink from my daughter's stash... :) Did I mention she is only 7? She's an UPA... Upcoming Polish Addict... :)

I used BM discs for the stripes and the flowers. My stamping green did not turn out nice, but I added a few rhinestones to save the day... Guess I should add a few greens to my stash... :)

Here are the remaining themes for this Challenge... 

Posting Dates
Fruit and dots (Apr. 22th 2012) 
Bugs (Apr. 26th 2012) 
Rainbow (Apr. 30th 2012)

Remaining Color Combinations

Blue and purple 

Yellow and green 

Here's a remainder, you can pick any color combination with any theme, but you are allowed to use each color combination only once (except for the rainbow)... 

And finally, the ladies who are participating this challenge with me... 

Mateja from Purple Glitters 
Kat from Hooked on polish
Kelly-Ann from Nail Art by Kelly-Ann
Riley from Pinky to Thumb 
Aurora from World of Happy Nails 
Mateja D from Mateji ustvarjata
Nail buff
Colorfulbottle from Colorful bottle's blog
Thalie From Glazed Talons 

Hema from Rainbow Nails
Kawaikagura from Nailpocalypse


  1. Pinterest worthy. :)

  2. I love those flowers, great manicure :)

  3. So cute! I love the stripes and the flowers!

  4. Very delicate....lovely design

  5. Super cute, I love the gems you added!

  6. I love it!
    I have to try this image from BM already =)