Nubar - Cactus

Wow, the summer heat and the holiday has really made me l-a-z-y!!! I haven't posted in a month.

First of all, let me tell you, everything is ok. We're all fine. Just enjoying the hot weather and the Aegean Sea. Can you believe I haven't worn polish on my fingernails for a month? Me neither!!! But my toes are not naked, I assure you... LOL

Anyway, I decided to wear a gorgeous green Nubar my dear friend Karin from Vacker & Underbar has sent me. I must tell you, Nubar has a great formula! I really loved how effortlessly it applied.

I decided that I should stamp it with gold, since it has some gold flecks in it. So I used Essie Good As Gold and Cheeky CH38, the fat fishes for stamping... For the accent nail, I used a Claries glitter, Clarie's 108, with white and gold glitter.

See you soon! Take care!

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  1. That's pretty :)
    It's nice to hear that you're enjoying summer ^_^