Nail Mail from USA!!!

Hi there!!!!

Sorry for being absent lately but I'm at our summer house and things are just settling down. I'll spend my summer here and I probably won't be posting as much. I did not bring most of my polishes, and I won't be buying new polish either... !!!! Shock!!! Horror!!! Gasp!!!!

Anyway, today I'll share my latest swap with you. The package came all the way from Pittsburg, USA from the lovely Deneen. I've been in Pittsburg years ago and I have such lovely memories there... And as you'll be witnessing below, Deneen spoiled me a lot!!! Let me tell you, Deneen is the Queen of stuffing envelopes! I'm still surprised at how she did fit all of these in a small bubble envelope!!! LOL

Here are the contents of the package....

OMG Color Clubs!!! La Pettite Mint-sieur, Holy Chixk!, Je T'aime and In De-Nile... They are so cute!!! I love them separately and together!!!! 

Color Club Lady Holiday and Silver Lake, gorgeous greys... 

Sinful Shines Sleek, Alfresco and Pragmatic... Loving them already! I tried them quickly on a swatching wheel and they have a great formula!!!

Avon Eclipse (from the holographic collection), Essie Where's My Chauffeur (OMG what a great color) and all time favorite, Duri Rejuvacote!!! Duri really helps my nails!

OPI Push and Shove and OPI This Gown Needs a Crown!!! Yay for silver!!!!

A few months ago, we had a Spring Challenge at our Facebook group and I won this polish from La Bella Vernice!!! Actually I picked this one. It is "The Devil Wears Purple"! I named it!!! Yes, I did!!! It is a holographic thermal that changed from pink to purple!!!! Go check it out!!! Anyway, Deneen was kind enough to be my mule!

Owl notebooks with 3D covers!!! I fell in love with them. So did Selin. And we fought over them! I won the one on the right... :P

The cutest magnetic notepad!!!

An Iphone case!!! And it is multichrome!!!

Princess pens!!! Yay!!!!

A gorgeous necklace and ring for Selin! She loved them!!!

All time favorite cuticle product!

Mint M&Ms are my favorites. Birthday Cake ones are Selin's... :P

Glow in the dark bracelets.. These will come in handy when we'll go partay-ing!!!! :P

Thank you again for everything Deneen, this was a really gorgeous package! Love you!!!

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