Pink Nautical with Nubar Flaming Purple

Thanks to Karin from Vacker & Underbar, I have another Nubar to show you today!

It is Flaming Purple. Well, to me it is a neonish bright pink which maybe has a tiny bit of purple in it... But, again, you know me and my color describing disabilty... LOL

I really loved this color, in fact I had in on my toes a few times. It really looks lovely on the beach, with the white sand. And finally, it is on my nails.. :P

I decided to play with it, so I made a nautical skittlette..

For the pinkie, I used Cheeky CH36 with Konad white. For the ring finger, I painted plain white and with tape, I added the pink stripes. And the others were just Nubar.

It really got a lot of attention and people made nice comments on this one.

What do you think?


  1. The skittle came out great and the color is gorgeous and very striking!
    I wish you a great day and weekend!