The Comeback...

Wow, it has been ages since my last post!

I really did not understand how time flew by. May was full of surprises, school plays, homework deadlines, nice weather, cycling, and sadly broken nails.

I don't know why but summer is like shedding months for me. I lose a significant amount of hair anlong with my precious nails. Does that happen to you also?

Anyway, for today, I want to share my lovely package from Karin, that came all the way from Sweden. It is a package that decribes her, and honestly, it was a good thing that we share the same taste... LOL

Here's what I got from her...

First of all, the polish...  Karin sent me her favorite Nubars. This is the first time I'm trying Nubar and I'm already in love with the brand. The formula is so easy to manage and the colors are lovely!!!

From left to right, they are Indigo Illusion, Wildlife, Fast Drying Topcoat, Sticky Basecoat, Cactus and Flamingo Purple (which is a pink)

And the little stuff... Lots of testers, and a bar or soap that smells divine!!!

And my favorite chocolate of all times!!!

A drawing form Nadine to Selin and Swedish recipes... :D

And a little gift for our grandma's cat...

A Dala Horse keychain...

And Swedish candy... Honestly, some of them were really salty for my taste... Literally, brought tears to my eyes... :)


  1. Hihi glad you liked the package! <3

  2. It's good to see you back, Aylin <3

    1. Thanks sweetie, I missed blogging!!!