Born Pretty Store Round and Square Rhinestores with Zoya

Hi there!

Today, I'll be showing you some round and square studs from Born Pretty Store.

I don't know about you but I love metal studs. I think they look really cool with manis. Altough they don't last very long time for me. I don't use glue to fix them because I don't like taking off process. So I put them over damp polish. And unfortunately with that method, they don't last very long. But who cares, I change my mani almost daily... LOL

Anyway, for those like me, these studs are plenty and they come in a round box like this one...

This one is the picture I took.
And this one is taken  from the Born Pretty Store website.

Well, judging from these two pictures, I think I got way too much from the round ones and less of the square ones. I just wish they were even... :(

Here are the close-ups of the studs... They are 2mm each.

And their sizes in centimeters....

Anyway, for the mani, I used Zoya Vespa and Neely, two coats of each. And I added silver square and round studs.

Well, if you want to order these studs, visit Born Pretty Store or go directly to this page. They cost $4.89 now for about 350 studs with free international shipping. And if you want an extra 10% off, just use the code below!!!!

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  1. What a great review for these tiny studs. Love the mani you made!