Flormar Jelly Look - Pale Eucalypt

Recently Flormar released a new collection called Jelly Look. It consists of 10 colors with a flat brush and great pigmentation with jelly shine. Think about Barry M Gellies... Like those...

Today I'll show you Pale Eucalypt from this collection. I have two coats without a topcoat.

It really looks like Essie Vested Interest, so I wanted to make a comparison...

Excuse the over flashed photo here. I think "someone" must have messed with my camera settings... :P

Not dupes, but they are really close. Flormar is just a tad darker. If you can't have the Essie, Flormar will do the same job for you... :P


  1. Great comparation, they are very close shades!

    1. Thank you. They are really close.... :D