BornPrettyStore - Easy Rhinestone Picker Review

Hi everybody.

Today I want to show you a product from Born Pretty Store that puts an end to your rhinestone problems...


It is a rhinestone picker pencil...

Like most of you, I've used various tools for picking rhinestones for my manicures. The best solution so far was damp dotting tools. Damp, as in I was licking the tip to get the rhinestone on the tool... :P

Believe it or not, these pencils are really easy to get attached to. You don't have to lick or use it with a topcoat. I don't know what it is made of, it looks like a rubberized material but it picks up rhinestones really easily and leaves them onto your nails effortlessly.

Here is a close up of the tip. I did not sharpen it very much, but this was enough...

It picks the rhinestone easily... I tried it also for studs and it works for them as well. I don't know if the tip gets blunt in time, but you can always sharpen it with a regular sharpner and these two pencils will go a long way, in my opinion. Just don't let your kid mistake it with white coloring pencil, like my daughter did... LOL

You can get the rhinestone picker pencils from Born Pretty Store with this link, two for $1.59 now, with free shipping worldwide. And if you use the code HLL91 at check out, you get an extra 10% off, special for my readers....

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  1. Good Review! I really like these pens. They work very well.