My Latest Essence Haul

Ever since Essence came to Turkey, and that was just last year, I started updating my make-up drawer with their products. They are relatively cheap, infact cheaper than most Turkish brands and they are made of good quality products.

I have a sensitive skin, so I cannot use "any" product, but so far, Essence has not caused any problems with my skin...

Anyway, for a few weeks, the Essence display was nearly empty in my local cosmetic shop. For a moment, I thought that they were leaving the Turkish Market. But the other day, I saw the shelves were full again, so I decided to celebrate that with a little shopping!!!

Wanna see what I got?

Night Club Glamour to Go eyeshadow sets. I bought both, because they looked stunning!!!

Nail polish cleaner pen. Well, I usually use an eyeliner brush but hey, why not give this a try?

New Colour&Go polishes... From left to right; Prom-berry, Miss Universe, That's what I Mint, 24/7 Nail Base and Caring Cuticle Oil.

The new 3D eyeshadows! I loved the colors!!! From up to down; 08 Irresistable Vanilla Latte, 07 Irresistable Smokey Eye and 09 Irresistable Choclates!!!

Black kajal that stays put for long hours... Well, we'll see about that one... :)

And last but not least; the perfect mascara of all times!!!

So, I cannot wait to try them all... What do you think?


  1. Me han encantado las paletas, y los esmaltes.

  2. Hey :) i bought new things from essence too, but i haven' t bought the little plaette. Do you like the pigmentation ?

  3. Essence is a very good brand,we have their product for a couple years. I wish i was bought that palette,but i dint :( We don't have this 'old' product anymore