OPI - What Wizardy Is This / Liquid Sand

When I fisrt heard about the Liquid Sand polishes, I thought "Peh!". I was just able to put on a flawless polish, so who needed a finish that looked like you've hit your hand across the wall...

Well, my opinions changed completely when I tried the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand polishes. The finish was not "that" gritty and the glitter was awsome! I was in L-O-V-E!!!!

And then came the OPI's Oz The Great And Powerful Collection... The collection was mostly soft shades, and to tell the truth, they were out of my league. But then, What Wizardy Is This caught my eye... Another Liquid Sand??? Yes, baby... :)

So here it is... It is a brown and golden shade of liquid sand. It is extremely easy to apply, nearly opaque in one coat, but I did the second coat for an intense color. The finish was not that gritty as the Mariah Carey ones and the drying time was 15 minutes approx. 

Anyway, I'm still not into regular textured polish, but if OPI continues to make these glittery polishes, I'm in!!!

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