RETO 2013 - Week 6 - Inspired by a fruit

Today is a sunny day in Istanbul... Spring is coming! And what a lovely day to celebrate with my new holos!!!

I recently ordered some holos from Catherine Arley. These were new colors I guess. Well, at least they are new to me.... So, with today being the 6th week of the RETO Challenge, aka the Fruit Week, I decided to play with my new toys...

I used 2 coats of Catherine Arley 801, a chartreuse gold for my nails and 803, lime green for the index nail. Then I sponged the 803 on the tips of other nails to make a gradient.

BTW, 803 is gorgeous on its own, I should wear it alone soon! And 801 is not my color, but it will be useful for gradients like these...

Anyhoo, I stamped the cutest pear image from the GALS 41 with Konad Special Black and left the accent nail alone... LOL!!!

So, what do you say?

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  1. Es precioso ese verde, yo tengo uno parecido.
    La manicura es genial.
    TE animas con mi desafio de nail art, es solo una manicura al mes.
    Miss Manicuras

  2. love that ca green <3 nice mani :D

  3. Guauu me encantan las peras! Te quedó genial la manicura!


  4. I love your manicure, CA holos are great, I have few bottle myself too. I would probably buy them all, if they would be available here.

  5. Q bonita te ha quedado ,yo también tengo está placa a ver sí le doy uso un bst !!!

  6. Qué preciosidad, me encantan las peras :)