The Tri-Polish Challenge - March - Day 4

Hi all! Today is the last day of the Tri-Polish Challenge... Well, the last day of March, to be exact... The first month was all about understanding the challenge for me. I used only the selected colors this month. God knows why... But with April, I'll set myself free and use glitters, black, gold... All the permitted colors... LOL BTW, the colors for April are; pink, turquoise (NOT blue) and orange... Hmmm, I should start picking colors...

Anyway, for today, I did what I've never done before.... Halfmoons... Well, I've seen many good examples of halfmoon manicures but did not have that urge to try it. Well, apparently, today was the day...
I painted my nails one coat of the coral (because it is highly pigmented and one coat was enough). Then using round stickers I got from the stationary store, I made the halfmoons. Again, I used a thick coat of purple... Then I decided to add some dots, because dots are fun, aren't they? And I added mint green and coral dots with my dotting tool... And voila!!!

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