China Glaze Bohemian Lustre Chrome Collection - Swanky Silk

This is Swanky Silk from the China Glaze Bohemian Lustre Chrome Collection.

I have two coats on my nails. The color shift of this polish is really soft and nice, from pinky gold to yellow gold... Excuse my French, I am not that good at describing colors.

Anyway, it is not a very special polish for me, I guess I could have survived if I didn't get this one... :)

I sponged the tips with China Glaze I'm not lion to spice things up... Boy, now, this is one polish that you need... It deserves a big post on its own, which I'll gladly do sometime... It is highly holographic gold glitter that shines like crazy in the sunlight... Oh, I loved this one...

The pictures really cannot capture the beauty of the final product, but take a look anyway... :)


  1. I like that you added glitter on the tip of each nail, very elegant and classy manicure!

  2. That's amazingly beautiful with the glittery tips! :)