Music Challenge Day 2

Here's a challenge mani gone bad!!! Really bad...

Well, todays song for the Music Challenge was I Wanna Be A Rockstar by Nickelback. It was the first time I heard this song and I loved it. I wanted to make something girly...

I recently won the giveaway of the lovely Debbie, The Crumpet... She has sent me 5 gorgeous shades of Models Own polishes. They are my first Models Own polishes and I loved them all... Thank you again, Debbie... :)

Anyway, for today's challenge, I used one of those polishes. Soda Pop Pink, the baby pink, first one on the right... I have two coats of it. And then I stamped my nails with Konad Special Black using the plates FUN1 for my ring finger and pinky, Cheeky 31for index and middle fingers...

Here's the step I messed up! I normally use Seche Vite as a top coat and I'm truly happy with it. But today, I ended up using Essence Quick Dry Top Coat instead. Don't ask me why... :( Turns out, Essence and Konad are not best buddies... Hence the semaring on my nails... I hated them!

I wish I had not used a topcoat! I had really loved this mani... :(

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Here's the programme...


  1. Ya ne kadar şanslıymışsın :) Ben Indian Ocean'ı istiyorum, swap yapmayı planlıyorum yakında :D
    Evet, top coatlar bazen böyle sorun yaratıyor olsun yine de güzel olmuş :)

  2. It's great! I never heard that song before, but I will search for it now :)

  3. Wow, you were lucky to win such a cool set of polishes!
    I love the stamps you picked for today's challenge :)