Avon Color Trend - Deluxe

Let me introduce you to the worst formulated polish I've had seen ever!!!

Not kidding! You know, I like Avon's polish. The formula has always satisfied me. So when I saw this month that they are coming with new colors, I pre-ordered some of them... And this little guy was the first one I tried.

First of all, the bottles are 8ml round bottles. They are not regular Avon bottles we used to see. Fine by me... The colors seems lovely in the bottle. A soft, pinkish burgundy... :)

Anyway, first coat was a disaster. The formula was so thick, it was obviously streaking. I had hoped the second coat would do the the trick, but I was wrong. Second coat was even more streakier!!! So I grabbed my polish thinner and added a few drops to the bottle. It helped with the formula, it was easier to handle. But third coat was still not satisfying. However, 3 thick coats and it had a super fast drying time!!! That's the only thing I liked about this polish...

Well, I just hope I got a bad bottle. 'Cause if all the others are like this, I think I'll be whining a lot more... :)


  1. What a shame. I hate it when that happens with brands you already know!