China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection - Deviantly Daring

I started reviewing my latest China Glaze haul with Deviantly Daring, a blue/teal/green duochrome...

First of all, with all due respect, the duochrome effect is mostly seen on the bottle, not on the nails... But this doesn't change the fact that this is a gorgeous chrome polish. The formula is not runny or thick, and it dried quickly. This is the most opaque color of the collection, one coat would be enough if applied carefully. But I did 2 coats anyway... And that makes me wonder, if this polish is suitable for stamping... :)

The brushstrokes are not visible after the polish dries, which is a good thing... :)

The color reminds me of a beetle... And peacocks, of course... So, I went with a peacock stamp, again... But this time, I stamped only one finger... 

First I painted my ring finger with Orly Halley's Comet. Then I sponged the other fingers with it... You cannot tell from the pictures but the two colors blended nicely, like they were made for each other...

I used Kleancolor Metallic Yellow for stamping the peacock design from the Bundle Monster set #2... And I added spots with my dotting tool using China Glaze I'm not lion... Andddd topped it off with Seche...

So, what do you think?

On a totally different subject, people watching the TV series Fringe should be familiar with the term "shape shifters"... I remember seeing somewhere that one duochrome collection was named "shade shifters", which I believe, is the cleverest name for those kind of polish... :)

Another different subject would be me changing my watermark... :) How did you like it? It is more time consuming for me but I believe it looks better on photos... 


  1. I'm having my eyes on this polish too as a possible wish list item :D
    I'm looking forward to hearing if it stamps well too. And I love your mani, it's really pretty!!

  2. Anonymous2/9/12 16:10

    This polish is absolutely GORGEOUS and I love what you did with the stamping!!!

  3. Beautiful accent. It's just perfect for this color. :)

  4. Even if its not much of a duo chrome its still pretty