NYC - East Village

This was one of the polishes my cousin had brought me from the States. Since I looovvved the first one, Fashion Ave Fushia, I thougt this was going to be the same...


The color is really nice, however, the formula is really sheer. I, personally, prefer one or two coater pigmented polish. Polish that has to applied over 2 coats is a no no for me. Why? Because I hate the time you have to wait between coats. And I hate that if you hurry, eventually your polish will trace because it hasn't dried completely... Know what I mean?

Anyway, East Village is a sheer blue-green nail polish with shimmer. I have 3 coats, but still the color looks pale... :(

Well, to spice things up, I painted my nails with Sinful Colors Green Ocean, a green flakie... It looked like the perfect base for a mermaid mani... IF my MASH plates have arrived on time... :(

Anyway, I wanted to keep it simple so I just stamped my accent nail with Konad M56...

Cute enough to save the day... What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. I wish it was a little more pigmented... :)

  2. I am exactly like you; I don't like polishes that need more than two coats to be opaque. You did well with this one though.

    1. Exactly, no sheer polishes!!! thank you!!! :)

    2. I just saw a girl applying this NYC polish over black, and it's absolutely fabulous, you should try that!