Essence - Marble Mania - Water Marble

Since Essence has hit the Turkish market, I buy a couple of polishes everytime I visit the drugstore. I have nearly completed the whole collection, just missing a few... :) So, when I saw this Marble Mania polish line, I knew I had to buy them...

The collection has four polishes that are said to be specific to water marble and gradient nails. And a nail art kit that consists of two sponges for gradient, two orange sticks and a really thin nail art brush... :)

The polishes... From left to right ; 04 Peaches, 01 Raspberry Swirl, 03 Silver Twister, 02 Who is Mr. Brown

Well, the first color was really sheer for me. However I liked the second one. It is more like a coral polish rather than respberry. The third one is an opaque silver, my favorite so far. And the third one? Well, let's just say I'm still searching for my favorite brown... :)

As for the water marble, the polishes did OK. They were easy to handle, did not dry quickly and cleanup was not a mess...

HOWEVER, beacuse I suck at watermarbling, I had bubbles all over as you can see in the pictures.

But they still look fine, don't they?


  1. it looks great :)


    1. Thank you... Nice blog you have... :)

  2. I always gets bubbles to. The colors looks great

  3. Did the bubbles appear right away after you took your fingers out of the water or after a minute or so? :) Mine only appeared about a minute after I pulled my fingers up. Very weird!

    1. Well, I guess they appeared right after I took my fingers out... :(